Israel this morning...december 13th - sea surges, thunderstorms, lightning


In fact, all areas of your illegal operations, not just in Gaza. And to make sure you understand whom this is directed toward, it’s pretty precise, previously mentioned sites, being hammered. And nowhere else.

That’s how it is. We live in a time when these kind of unholy acts against innocents you want to slaughter and steal from – are really just not going to fly without a few kicks in the pants and just how very – unbelievably dangerous to your continued existence in this dimension – these things can turn out. For you.

Take a moment, yon genocidal maniacs, and absorb what is being said to you.

So far, getting your attention hasn’t cost you anything other than ritual sites, old labs and tunnel systems, and the loss of the trafficking income. Plus a few dozen ruined beyond belief Pro LGBTPHKO bars, clubs, and eateries in your beach areas.

Plus…no one is forgetting…you are the spawn of lucifer, reptoid nephilim, and your hands make unholy abominations beneath the land. I alone have been dealing with your kind for far too long to ever believe you will change, unless it is a con, a grift, and scam. You always double down on a losing hand and oddly, hope so.

Very, very bad dogs.

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