The glory of a woman is her covering - her hair


Prior to the 1920s, when movies, magazines, and nephilim models/actresses were used to destroy the foundation and sanctity of the home and marriage, all women kept their hair long and uncut. When out, in the west, she kept her hair under a bun or hat, in keeping with the Holy Word. In the East, a shawl or such.

This is so, because a woman’s covering – her hair – was one of the prime causes of lust for both men and angels – the watchers of Genesis 6. A wife or maiden, never revealed her long hair except within the home, for family or the husband.

But, nowadays, the witches not only cut it, they color it in freak colors that just seem like a bad 1950s spray job on an old junker car. And of course, cut above the neck. All this is intentional blasphemy passed over to the world as FASHION.

Fashion for the damned. I see a lot of old lesbians hulking around with crew cuts and such. There is nothing attractive in it, except for those loaded with demons. Then, yeah, it becomes “cute.”

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