A warm December UPDATED


So, in November, I was ruing the upcoming freezing cold temps of living on a mountaintop. I asked Dad if I could have a warm December, move the storms off to January, etc. As He gave us in past years, when hoped for.

He said YES.

So, every day this month, while it is 48 – 59 degrees just a mile from here, in the full sun of the day, it has been 70-75 degrees F from ten am to sunset. Every single day. Stupidly – I am a dork after all – I didn’t think to start taking pics of it till yesterday, but here is yesterday and today. And there will be a tomorrow as well.

Ask and Ye shall receive, Yeshua has admonished us.

Dad loves us all very much.

Outside thermometer in the sun room.

drive 2 miles away and its freezing cold. He showed me how this was done. Amazing. There is nothing He cannot do with HIS WORLD.

That’s what you are up against, Lu and his droid army – and you WILL LOSE.


For Al, E, and John – who know the story – This is Kelsy, the bird brought back to life as discussed.


And as promised, it’s the next day.

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