'Leave The World Behind' Decoded


‘Leave The World Behind’ Decoded They couldn’t get the La Palma event to go off, right when they wanted the big event to go off, Dad stopped it on 12-20-21 at Noon sharp, the volcano on the island was simply TURNED OFF. As we all know who followed that; as did I.

Amazing what a bit of prayer can do, yes?

So, they still want NYC destroyed so the last obstacle to the beast – USA and the US constitution and Bill of Rights – can be taken out. They settled on key charges against infrastructure beneath the cities old abandoned train and tunnel systems.
They even tell you in this latest video from Satan, courtesy of the twin phags, Big Mike and his bitch, Obama. They used them to sell the veracity of their plans. The open in your face movie is to get them out of death hell.

Their figuring is, Dad cannot stop the explosives or He would have stopped 9-11-2001 and the twin tower thermite charge take down with no planes, only digital lies and false testimony of CIA and MOSSAD assets. Heavy hitters like Aquino and others have confirmed this – the pride and vanity is such. They want and do, rub this in our faces. Look what we did, kind of thing. And got away with it, as they are to this very day.

Which destroys the world economy, everything goes digital – which EU has already done, last week, and we enter the final slavery of the beast system before Nissan 1 and Passover.

A bit of a problem. Though.

Flooding ALL of NYC, on a weekly basis with massive storms. Filling those tunnels with mountains of water. It will change enough of things, to stem this, but it doesn’t matter, if it is a fizzle or a BIG BANG, they intend to turn the system off as though the place was wiped out. Also, their fail safe of a missile in the mouth of the river at Manhattan Island is still on the books for the tsunami La Palma was supposed to deliver 2 years ago.


There is no attack from Hamas terrorists like they have designed. Like 911, it’s an INSIDE JOB.


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