Judgments and curses

Don Bradley 12-15-23

I put up just a smattering of videos this morning about dead vax shills, high and low. Just to remind you all – there is justice on Earth. These shills…these killers…these heartless, grooming/trafficking evil ones are dropping like flies. As it should be. They have been for 2 years now.

These curse adjudications are quite effective.

Biblically, they are called PLAGUES.

The world doesn’t know it, but there are few of these operating right now. And they will continue in effect until the 7th trumpet. And they are quite the devastating judgment. That weapon has killed 1/5 of the world’s population.

Push the vax weapon – no matter whom you are – make out a will. And this one WILL NOT be rescinded, ever. You tell one person to get vaxxed up and you move onto that, no purchase necessary; see dealer for details. Your mileage may vary. Repentance is the only way off that list, any of them.

Real Repentance.

A partial list operating plagues:

Traffickers all have an expected and sudden end, with loss of mind. Canaanite priests of any kind, under any system, slow and sure madness. Tunnel systems, grottoes, and DUMBS, wherein the damned do unholy things of any stripe, to be destroyed. And the rains shall come to the world. Amen. vax weapon shills – you killed yourselves; most of the 2021 shills have passed away. New shills emerge, they go too.

These will stay.


Too many to list! Yay!

Luciferase – Lucifer’s Race – vax up and join the walking dead.

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