In 2022, a curse was placed against Disney, as there was against Target, Buttwiper, a few others. Look at what happened to them. And the brand will never reach people as it once did, no matter how much they fake the numbers and lie about stats or sales records, as they have resorted to doing, to keep their stock values from cratering so hard, they get delisted from the stock exchange.

Tesla has a curse on it now. Watch.

Hey Elon! That’s for slamming rockets into the Dome of Earth. Trying to earn brownie points with the beast will get you nothing, because with a judgment from Heaven on you, you are of no value to him. The more your name, face, and presence is in the world – take note – is seen, published, or heard, the greater the inborn resentment, mistrust, and outright sense of danger will be the world’s reaction to anything with your name on it, or face, or anything Tesla, SpaceHex, anything.

You don’t have to do a thing. Laugh aloud. Real loud. Put up the illusion of bravado and daring do…it only makes things worse. In fact, for giggles, double down on everything you are doing. I mean it. Go all out.


It all happens faster that way and we won’t have to wait. One of those winter wonders folks will be talking about.

And, there is NOT A THING you can do about it. Ever.

You can watch, however, as your very existence becomes as loathsome to regular people unaffiliated with the beast in ANY WAY as Buttwiper the ex beer giant. In fact, the resentment and growing mistrust will beget destructive acts against any and all of your branded enterprises. There will be a time, very soon, when people drive by old Tesla car dealers with no product, broken windows, weeds growing in parking lots.

Maybe you can open a Hollywood video store? You know, relive your heady days when you were a rising star, not a sinking mill stone? You can rent old VHS tapes, with Friday night specials. Make a personal appearance or two, see if anyone shows up without a rope?

And those starlink balloon sats. Over 1,000 lost in the last 3 months. And those launches that blow your stuff up. Do another launch; we all could use a good flat earth laugh against you globetard satanic shills.


The mistake you Damned made – here and down below, was…

…you never expected things to go like this.You’ve had it your way for thousands of years. And at the very end, we show up.

Maybe you can go to Devon Island where they film all the fake Mars stuff and walk around in a genuine buzz armstrong space suit…“space” hahahahaha…and pretend you are a great explorer on Mars, zipping about in a Tesla Truck that gets stuck in the tundra twice a day. You can do that. I know! Film and put it out as a B movie and sell tickets. I’d pay to watch that.


Hey Elon? Want an idea of what is being said to you and the world? Sure you do. It’s this:

Remember Buttwiper? That dead dog everyone avoids. So much so, that when offered free beer, theycouldnt’ give the stuff away. Entire support industries, you name it, all died out just from the curse on it. As the days passed, it became so destructive in its effects, no one, even in extreme summer heat, would even touch them. Remember those buttwiper guys walking through crowds offering free beer and people were throwing stuff at them?

That’s Tesla and SpaceHex. Among other musk enterprises.

PS. Have your canaanite slime-balls drive up your stock price; announce major new deals with so and so; do some big shout out events where you are feted like a blushing bride. Mankind needs some more meme material. Hear what I am saying to you?

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