Titans beneath your feet


It’s why all the rain, the titans. Giants. Chimeras of unspeakable horrors. When these come up, all on Earth will wish those rains had stayed. E summed it up perfectly.

They spell it out: the titans were the first gods. They rest in ancient ruins in tunnels bellow the sea (“inner Earth”). They even define “monarch” as generations that study and take care of the Titans. It’s really where it all converges, they want it back to the ante-diluvian times. Days of Noah indeed. And the big dragon commands them because he is not from the Earth (nephilim), he came from the “space” (heavens, fallen angel).

These are very bad dogs.

Need more cowbell.

Picture/captures taken of various live streams by Don in 2021 of the La Palma emergence of the beast of the pit, Apollyon.

Apollo sitting on his throne, La Palma 2021.

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