Israel hiding the floods and storms

Except they forgot to sanitize this weather report today. Also, notice the clouds and radar returns of the storms are missing. Erased. As they always do.

But then, they warn of floods today, yesterday, tomorrow.

That’s right.

Intend to flood the entire country until every single synagogue, grotto, and DUMB is under water. Below are the forecasts and radars you missed.

I guess, like Musk, you planned it that way, right?

Just remember this – Oceans of Water.

Storm 33 still rages in California – every day, a different locale in the state gets its rightful share, only to repeat, a couple of days later.

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What Musk and CIA will do now, is shift the launches to vandenburg AFB, so they can do digital launches with no witnesses – as launch groupies from all over the world attend these things – and CGI the whole event, as they do with VAFB launches.



SpaceX’s Starship rocket reaches space but is intentionally destroyed mid-flight


Sure. Blowing up your rockets two times in a row is a plan?

Excuse the world for NOT believing this load of bullshite.


  • SpaceX launched its Starship rocket into space on Saturday, with Elon Musk’s company pushing development of the towering vehicle past new milestones.
  • It flew for several minutes before an unknown issue triggered the intentional destruction of the rocket. No people were on board this test flight.
  • The Federal Aviation Administration will oversee a “mishap” investigation into the flight, a standard regulatory procedure, before SpaceX can launch another Starship rocket.

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Because if you hit F5 or refresh just once, you don’t see updates. It’s a sneeky thing they started this week, to hide updates.

You are here, hit refresh, you see the same page and move on.

That’s why they do it.

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Nor you, madam cankersore.

Ever wonder about the explosion of cankersores among your kind of late? It’s almost a common question now, does anyone know what to take for burning cankersores?

You thought you would get to have things your own way and that always.

That’s what the demons told you, right?

If I added up all the things that came to pass on these pages, wouldn’t that make quite the list. I don’t have to. You already did and are, doing it.

So you know.

As do I.

This is how its going to be going forward.

Not all your own way. His Way.

For YHVH is Adonai. And His Son Yeshua, is King and Judge.

And Creator.

He made all that is, that you endlessly claim for your greedy littles selves.

I mean really… You bugger little boys as your heights of culture. Little girls, too.

What Creator in any imagination of anywhere would ever think bipedal meatsacks both raping and murdering the children, is something good and to build upon for the likes of Heaven?

Only the mentally ill, sick in soul and spirit, believe in such delusions. You believe Gaza is yours.

Nothing belongs to you. Nothing.

You can have nothing in that He gives it. Nothing.

When that bell rings in your tiny little heads, then….


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The looks on the faces in the control room said it all. Not an expected event. Debby downers all around.


I guess they could cobble together some fake clips for the evening news of how – they will alledge beforehand – this was all EXPECTED.

No sale.

And the rest of the rocket hit the dome.

Now watch the flood of shills EVERYWHERE telling everyone how this was meant to happen and it’s just an engineering test. As they are already doing.

No one believes your obvious lies. Not any more.

Your lies only work if you state these things, BEFORE THE LAUNCH. Not after, like some addled lying phreaks who cannot tell which way the wind is blowing. It’s blowing against YOU ALL.

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Blessings to our wonderful Adonai YHVH and His son Yeshua!


Storm 33 hits Los Angeles/SoCal.

California Dreaming…on such a winter’s day!

Wings extended, leading the storm, blessings upon the Earth below…making an unusual appearance.

sky is really talking today.

Dust Storms preceeding rain squalls.

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They are hiding from the public all the floods in Israel, the cowards. Well, the adjudication is for the region that is part of this zionist genocide. Everybody gets water, that has DUMBS and grottoes.

Children are suffering every single day at the hands of these unholy canaanite monsters. When you stop that, we’ll stop the floods.

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More and more vax babies are going to emerge with freakish animal visages – as in the days of Noah – and their strength and cunning. Add to it, the nefesh or soul inside IS A DEMON, not a man or woman.

Then the screaming starts. It wants to rape, torture, and eat pure bloods. But finds, it can only attack canaanites. Which is what it wants anyways, so as to get rid of its competition of “lesser” life forms.

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